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August Birthstone

Traditionally, Peridot is the Birthstone for August

Born in the month of August? Then, peridot (pronounced pear-ih-doh) is the
lime green gemstone for you.

It is also the gem associated with 6th wedding anniversaries.

Peridot is also known as Chrysolite, and Olivine. The name comes from the Greek
language, but no one seems to agree on exactly HOW it got its name.

The stone itself, is always green. It can be a very pale pastel green, lime green, olive green, emerald

green, bottle green or grassgreen - but - it is always GREEN. The iron content in the stone is what
accounts for the green hue. To the eye, peridot appears to have an "oily" luster to it, and
large, truly exquisite specimens are rare.

Some interesting things that are associated with peridot are:

* Historically, peridot was called "The Evening Emerald", and the "Gem of the Sun".

* It has reputed to be found in meteorites.

* In ancient times, period was thought to cure liver disease and dropsy.

* You are supposed to be able to drive evil spirits away with a peridot, but ONLY if you pierce the

stone, and wear it around your left arm - suspended from a cord made of donkey hair.

(Want to try THAT one?)

* If you have a fever, and happen to have a loose peridot to hold under your tongue, it

will take away your thirst.

*Folklore has it, that a person wearing peridot jewelry will be relieved of any envious thoughts.

* A "legend" about peridot, is that in New Mexico and Arizona, the ants mined peridot and

brought it to the surface to build their anthills. Actually, the gemstone is just there on the
surface in abundance - naturally.

Peridot rates 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Worldwide, it is found in Mexico, Germany, Australia, China, Norway, Burma (which is now

Myanmar), the Island of Zebirget in the Red Sea, Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka (which was Ceylon),
St. John's Island (Egypt), South Africa, Pakistan, Tanzania, and in the United States, in
Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

The chemical composition of peridot is (Mg,Fe)2SiO4, or
Magnesium Iron Silicate

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