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​​July Birthstone

Traditionally, Ruby is the Birthstone for July

Rubies are red. They are referred to as ruby-red, pigeon blood red, and many other names.
Clear, deeply colored gemstone quality rubies are one of the most expensive gems available.

There are few fine gemstones that can compare with a fine, rich, blood-red ruby. Most of the

rubies that we see sold in retail stores today are pale, washed-out, and loaded with inclusions. 

Since their discovery in ancient times, rubies have been imitated by spinels, garnets, glass, and

many other materials. Fake rubies have been made since the days of ancient Egypt, and the large
red gem in the Crown Jewels of England was thought until modern times, to be a ruby. It is,

in fact, a very beautiful spinel; still very costly, but not a ruby.

Until modern technology allowed us to determinethe exact nature of gemstones,many red stones
were marketed as genuine rubies. Using refractive indexes, specific density, and spectography,
gemologists can now specifically identify real rubies from the synthetic ones.

Rubies have some very interesting legends and beliefs attributed to them.
Wouldn't it be nice if they were all true? Here they are:

* Rubies are a symbol of royalty

* They bring to the wearer wealth, health, wisdom and success in love

* Worn on the left, it brings peace with the enemy​​

(All military personnel should wear them!)

* Rubies prevent bleeding and heart failure

* Ruby has the distinction of being the gemstone for Summer. 

The finest rubies come from many places in the world. They are found in Burma
(now Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam,
USA, Russia, Norway, and Australia.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, they measure a 9, which is the next leveldown after diamonds.

Rubies, like sapphires, are a hard-wearing, durable, brilliant gemstone. Industrial grade rubies are
used in polishing compounds, and in emery boards, emery cloth and emery paper.

Like sapphires, rubies are actually a form of the mineral corundum.

If a sapphire is any color other than red, it is called a sapphire.
When the color is red, the stone is called a ruby.

Chemically speaking, they are aluminum oxide, Al2O3.

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