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June Birthstone

Traditionally, Pearl is the Birthstone for June

  Yes, I know --- a pearl is not a gemstone. 

Nevertheless, pearls are the traditional "gem" for June, whether it is a "gem", or not.

They have been valued as gems since Biblical times, for their beautiful luster, and durability.

Even though pearls' hardness, on a scale of 1 to 10, is only 2.5 to 4.5, due to their formation and

shape, it is extremely difficult to crush them.They are usually the product of mussels,
or mollusks, which we commonly called oysters.

When a foreign substance enters the mollusk, the mollusk surrounds the intruder with a cyst.

To the mollusk, the foreign substance is an irritant, so it forms the cyst to protect itself, and remove
the irritation. Once the cyst is formed, the mollusk deposits concentric layer after layer of calcium
carbonate around it.  We call it mother-of-pearl, or nacre. It is bound with conchiolin, which is an
organic horn-like substance, and eventually enough layers surround the cyst, to form a pearl.

The most desirable pearls are perfectly round, although pearls are formed in many different shapes,

depending on the shape of the foreign object that entered, and how evenly the nacre is applied.

There are freshwater pearls and salt-water pearls. Both are beautiful. Some of the most expensive

pearls in the world come from Tahiti, where they have pearls in many colors. The black Tahitian
pearls command a premium price; we understand that a large part of the reason for that,
is because there is a limit as to how many pearls can be harvested in the Tahitian Islands.

Some interesting beliefs about pearls are

* That pearls symbolize purity and virtue.

*The best way to differentiate between real and faux pearls is to rub
them against your teeth.

(That does not always work today, because layers of nacre are also used to
make exquisite fakes, and they will feel slightly rough or "gritty" to your
teeth, exactly as genuine pearls do.)

*Old pearls are valuable pearls. 

(No, the only thing that determines whether or not pearls are valuable, is
the quality of the pearls.)


Pearls are traditionally the gift of choice for an 8th wedding anniversary. Some people 
like to make "add a pearl" necklaces for their daughters or granddaughters, too. They start 
by having a jeweler put one pearl on a necklace, and adding a pearl each year.

Chemically speaking, pearls are mostly calcium carbonate, or CaCO3.

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