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April Birthstone

Traditionally, Diamond is the Birthstone for April

Ah!, the lucky lady born in April - you have diamond as your birthstone! 
I know - you gentlemen love diamonds, too. 

Those born in April have the distinct honor of claiming the most expensive

gemstones - diamonds, as their own.

From antiquity, diamonds have been prized above all other gemstones for their unique
qualities. Despite all of the synthetic imitation diamond substitutes available, and more recently, 
man-made diamonds, there is really nothing that is the same as a genuine, mined diamond.

Diamonds are exceptionally beautiful, the hardest mineral known to man, and considered almost

imperishable. About the only thing that will break a diamond is a sudden, sharp knock against a
hard surface, or too much pressure exerted on the girdle, or outer edge of a diamond. Generally,
they are unaffected by chemicals, but exposure to extreme heat can leave a "craze" on the
outside surface, which can be removed by an expert.

Diamonds get their name from the Greek word "adamas" which means - "invincible".

Today, most people know that diamonds are not just white. In nature, diamonds can be found in
every color of the rainbow, with one of the rarest and most expensive colors being red. Today, our
modern technology has introduced the ability to artificially color them, also, making them virtually 
indistinguishable from naturally colored diamonds. 

The Dresden diamond is a 41 carat pear-shaped green diamond, known since the

The Hope Diamond, at 45.52 carats, is a blue diamond which appeared in 1830, and now
resides in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

The Tiffany diamond weighs in at 128.51 carats, and it is a lovely cognac color.

The Star of Africa, also called Cullinan I, is a clear white pear-shaped diamond that weighs a
whopping 530.20 carats. It is currently in the Tower of London. The Florentine Diamond, a beautiful 
yellow diamond, weighed 137.27 carats. Since World War I, its whereabouts are unknown.

Below are some interesting BELIEFS about diamonds:  

* Diamonds can neutralize all poisons.

(Wouldn't it be great if THAT was true!)

* Wearing diamonds will protect you from nightmares.

(Nope - I can attest to the fact that you can still have nightmares, even if you are wearing diamonds!)

* Diamonds are capable of curing insanity.

(Oh, boy, would I like to experiment with THAT one with a few people I know!) 

In the rough, diamonds do not look like the beautiful, lustrous, sparkling gemstones we have
all come to appreciate. After they are mined, they must be carefully cut and faceted by expert cutters,

in order to display the fire and brilliance that sets diamonds apart from other gemstones.

While most of us are familiar with round, oval, square, pear-shaped, and rectangulardiamonds - diamonds

can be cut into many beautiful, unusual shapes. Some of the most unusual shapes are half-moon, marquise,
four-leaf-clover, triangular, lozenge, and briolettes.  We have seen diamonds cut in the shape of a horse
head, a Christmas tree, and even the Ten Commandments scrolls, to name a few.  The unusual cuts
command premium prices, but the uniqueness and beauty they possess is well worth the extra cost.

Diamonds are graded D-Z for color, IF/FL-I3 for clarity, VG-P for cut, and in

increments of points and carats for weight.

A one-carat diamond weighs 100 points, a 3/4 carat diamond weighs 75 points, and so on.

Chemically speaking, diamonds are made of Carbon, C.  They are crystallized carbon.

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