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December Bi​rthstone

Tanzanite has been named the new Birthstone for December!

 Recently, the "powers-that-be" in the gemstone/jewelry industry have announced that tanzanite will
now, and from now-on, be regarded as the birthstone for December .  

Over the years, the designated birthstone for December has been changed several times. It USED to

be turquoise, then it was blue zircon, then we were told it was blue topaz, and NOW, it is TANZANITE.
Well, of course! Tanzanite is expensive, and the "powers that be" want you to buy it!  

It's hardness is only 6.5, on the Moh's scale of hardness. If you consider that diamonds' hardness is 10,
and opal's hardness is 5.5-6.5, depending on the stone, tanzanite is not a very hard gemstone. That
notwithstanding, there is no question that tanzanite is one beautiful gemstone.

Tanzanite gets its name from Tanzania, Africa, where it was first mined in 1967.  Actually, it is blue zoisite.

Top quality gemstones of tanzanite exhibit a deep blue/purple color, and are clear and bright.  Pale
tanzanites could almost be mistaken for amethyst, but tanzanite always has a bluish tinge to it.  It is
our understanding, that ALL tanzanite is heat-treated, to eliminate the brown or yellowish overtones
that it naturally has. Once treated, it is one of the most exquisite gemstones known to man. 

Because tanzanite is not considered a "gemstone of antiquity", even though it has been underground
a LONG time, there is not much trivia associated with it. Below are a few facts: 

* The bluish hue in tanzanite gemstones is attributed to the presence of vanadium.

*Tanzanite exhibits  pleochroism, displaying different overtones of slate gray, purple or blue.

(When pleochroism properties are attributed to a gemstone, it means that one will see
different colors, shades, and hues, depending on the viewing angle. Most tourmalines
have this characterisitc, appearing one color when viewed from the top, and
another when viewed from the side.)

* The supply of tanzanite appears to be severely limited to East Africa, in one region.

If you happen to be a traditionalist, then turquoise, blue zircon,
or blue topaz should be the December birthstone of your choice.

No matter which gem you choose, all of them make exquisite jewelry,
and for those of you born in the month of December - you have
more choices than the rest of us!

The chemical composition of tanzanite is Ca2Al3Si3O12OH.
That is Calcium, Aluminum, Oxygen, and Hydrogen.

- Wise Men STILL Seek Him -