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January Birthstone

Traditionally, Garnet is the Birthstone for January

When most people think of garnets, they think of red. Most garnets are red, but did you
know that garnets come in many different colors? Tsavorite garnets are a lovely green color.
Spessartite garnets (or spessartine - both are used) are available in several different shades

of orange. Rhodalite garnets have a gorgeous violet hue to them.

There are color-changing garnets that change from a vivid bluish-green to violet.

A very pale light green variety of garnet is called demantoid.

Pyrope garnets are a deep, vivid red, and undoubtedly exhibit 

the finest red color of all of the garnets.  

In Idaho, there is a variety of garnet mined called star garnet that, when cut into a cabochon shape,
exhibits a 4 or a 6-pointed star, much like star sapphires and star diopside.

Most common are the "Mozambique" garnets, which are red when viewed directly. When held up with

a light source behind them, they appear reddish-brown, or "root beer" colored. These garnets are
abundant in nature, and make beautiful jewelry, especially when set in yellow gold.

Some interesting BELIEFS about garnets are:  

* They will protect you from danger when on a journey

* They will keep you from evil and from having nightmares

* They cure melancholy and depression and warm the heart

* In powdered form, they relieve fever and cure jaundice​

Chemically speaking, garnets are not all the same. Their hardness varies from 7.5 to 6.5 on
Moh's scale of hardness. Many are calcium iron silicate, as in demantoid, considered the

most valuable garnet in its beautiful green shades. Some are calcium aluminum silicate,
like tsavorite and hessonite. Still others are: calcium chromium silicate, manganese aluminum
silicate, iron aluminum silicate, and magnesium aluminum silicate. New deposits of garnets
appear to constantly be found in different colors, all over the world.

The chemical compositions of Garnet are:
and possibly more...

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